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Pesach Food Boxes for the Needy

Even now, distribution, within guidelines, continues

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Pesach is not a cheap holiday. Even for average families with consistent incomes, viewing the totals at the supermarket checkout is often a stressful experience after a shopping trip for essentials like matza, wine, and all the kosher-for-pesach foods that are necessary for the weeklong yom tov. 

Yad Eliezer provides Pesach food relief

Families who can't afford food basics throughout the year are overwhelmed when the time comes for Pesach shopping. They know what they need to buy, they see their neighbors coming home and unpacking bags of groceries, but they don't know how they'll be able to do the same. Yad Eliezer is there for these families, filling in the gaps, so they'll be prepared for the holiday, too. The assistance we provide through supermarket gift cards and delivery of our food boxes, helping them get what they need for the chag, enables them to celebrate and preserves their dignity.

Even during crisis, we continue to help

The current covid 19 health crisis is certainly making the weeks leading up to this Pesach different than in years past. It’s putting even more strain on families in need, and sadly, creating new struggling households due to sudden widespread job losses. With developments evolving every day, the situation presents us at Yad Eliezer with unique challenges and requirements that change how we pack our Pesach food boxes and safely distribute them, and how we arrange for people to pick up their gift cards, which are critical. But what hasn't changed is our drive to bring people the relief they need. We are continuing to do so while carefully respecting government guidelines. So boxes are being assembled and dispensed, aid is being issued, but now more than ever we need the help of our donors. With thousands of families requiring our assistance, there is so much to be done! Times are challenging but there is comfort in knowing that we are not alone and can rely on you. Please donate to our Pesach campaign and help us make the holiday, especially now, especially celebratory for families in need.


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