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Pre Pesach and During Crisis, Yad Eliezer is There

Read on about your incredible help that’s reaching countless families!

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

We are astounded at the generosity that is being shown right now.
Donations have been pouring in to help families during this Pre-Pesach crisis, in substantial amounts.
In just one day for example, we’ve distributed an additional $140,000 in aid! 

Despite (and due to) all the chaos that is enveloping the world right now, Yad Eliezer, thanks to loyal donors, continues to provide relief for struggling Israeli citizens. Our Jerusalem offices are quiet as staff must work remotely, but that isn't preventing the onslaught of requests for help from reaching us. It also isn't preventing us from answering non-stop phone calls and processing faxed or emailed applications for assistance. 

We are there for impoverished parents who are used to relying on us for help with food and utility bills, and we are there for individuals and families who've been newly thrown into trying circumstances due to  widespread job loss and other far reaching issues caused by the health crisis. 

Supermarket gift cards are still being allocated to struggling single mothers-today alone we sent them to 170 grushos and agunos! We are also providing them to families of needy IDF soldiers confined to army bases throughout the country and hundreds of other hard-hit families with kids home (and hungry) all day. Big Brothers and Sisters are still providing emotional and educational support to their little brothers and sisters in challenging home environments via consistent phone calls. Financial aid is still being transferred to homes that now need emergency assistance for anything ranging from replacing a broken appliance to medical expenses to paying the month's rent.

Your help is enabling us to reach all these kinds of families, from Tzfat in the north to Tifrach in the south, and places like Beit Shemesh, Beitar, Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and numerous cities in between.

Need has grown considerably, but thankfully our donors continue to reach out, sending love and generous financial help. Contributions including messages such as "...May this help those in need, and may, G-d willing, things get better sooner than later" encourage us in our efforts to do all we can. Yad Eliezer is so grateful.

Your response has been incredible! Please continue to bring the relief that is so badly needed. With Pesach just days away, it is more necessary than ever, and donations to any of our programs will alleviate anxiety and suffering during this time of upheaval.


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