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Food boxes are still reaching the needy

Monday, April 27, 2020

COVID 19 has put a stop to so many things, but it hasn't stopped Yad Eliezer from distributing food boxes, within required health guidelines, to Israel's hungriest and neediest citizens.

The crisis is significantly increasing challenges in homes where hunger is just a part of life. With children out of school and in the house all day, their parents' struggle to pay for groceries only grows. In other homes, with parents who've unexpectedly become unemployed or whose businesses have closed, the sudden inability to support and feed their families is a harsh new reality. 

In all cases, lack of food robs families of a normative environment and creates one in which it is terrible to grow up. 

But with Yad Eliezer continuing to assemble and deliver food boxes, relief arrives on families' doorsteps, alleviating one of the major stressors they are dealing with. 
By donating to our Corona Emergency Relief CampaignFood Boxes, Widows and Orphans or other programs, you can bring stability to these families and help us continue to help them.


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