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Hours of Entertainment for Hundreds of Families

A generous donor brings smiles & fun to needy parents & children

Sunday, December 20, 2020

In honor of Chanukah, a generous donor was inspired to gift needy families with quality, thoughtful items in honor of the holiday, and that is exactly what he did.

Knowing that families in need rarely have funds to put out for Chanukah gifts of any kind, and driven to change that this year, he consulted with Yad Eliezer.

With our help and that of our gabbai tzedaka, the donor distributed more than 450 sets of the hit game Settlers of Catan and copies of the popular book, A Yiddishe Kop #3 to some of the poorest families in communities such as Givat Ze'ev, Jerusalem, Chevron, Ofakim and Elad. The gabbaim we work with are very familiar with the families they assist, and know which struggle the most and live with the greatest need.  

The gifts brought incredible happiness and excitement to all the recipients. One gabbai tzedaka noted what an impact the games and books had on the families:

"...Because of the tremendously kindhearted donor's help and generosity, I was zoche to see the light in the eyes of the parents and children. It was so moving to see their reactions-the cries of joy and the huge smiles...The children reacted as though their dreams had come true-'What?! This is for me?! Such an expensive game?!' One child looked at me, a sparkle in his eye, and said: 'Wow! I really wanted this! I always go to my friend's house to play it...Really, it's for me? I don't believe it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!' Thank you for allowing me to be zoche to witness these special, moving moments, so full of joy and true simcha. I wish the donor could see it for himself-he truly deserves to shep the nachat from it!"

Yad Eliezer is honored to count donors such as this among our friends and supporters. The happiness and fun brought about through his kindness will last for years to come in homes where they are so greatly needed.

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