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Yad Eliezer Helps Make Shabbos for "Corona Families"

Hot meals instead of sandwiches in 100 Ofakim homes

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

One hundred needy Ofakim households with quarantined family members suffering from the coronavirus were treated to hot meals for Shabbos last week. They will also receive meals for a second Shabbos, plus weeknights in between. The hot, fresh food was met not only with great excitement but also tremendous appreciation, as parents had been unable to prepare for Shabbos and had few options for feeding their families for an extended time. Ofakim's community chesed coordinator wrote to Yad Eliezer, to express his gratitude for our large contribution of funds towards this critical project, which put it into action.  
Good evening,
It's now after 1 am...
I just got home from the giant food distribution...I'm exhausted but so happy.
Tonight, 100 families received 627 dishes of food for Shabbat including the erev Shabbat seuda:
6 kinds of salatim, fish, chicken / schnitzel, rice potatoes and vegetables.
And for Shabbat lunch: salatim, potato kugel, luckshen kugel, schnitzel / pargiot...
all fresh food.

You have no idea how moved people were-I can't describe it!
People who are sick with COVID, weak and lacking energy...they thought they'd have bread and butter for Shabbat. And then they got this!
It's unbelievable.
Thank you!

COVID 19 is wreaking havoc on countless Israeli families, on a daily basis. Donations to our Corona Relief Campaign make special projects like this, possible. Help us bring relief to homes throughout Israel.


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