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Aderes Hatorah Returns

And adds 700 packed food boxes to their record, in just one night

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Rabbi Senter's Aderes Hatorah's students once again visited Yad Eliezer’s Jerusalem warehouse, to pack food boxes that are helping feed needy Israeli families. Most recently they began their packing madness after 11 pm, and despite the late hour assembled a whopping 700 boxes that are being shipped to homes throughout the country. This latest visit brings their grand total to 5,103 boxes in just eight evenings! The boys’ devotion and commitment are incredible and Yad Eliezer is grateful to be a beneficiary of their tremendous chesed. We are optimistic that their visits will continue and their numbers will grow even higher.

Thank you & Yasher Koach GADOL!

Our Food Boxes program really makes a difference in families' lives. 
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