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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Uri Schwartz and his family have been long time friends of Yad Eliezer, consistent supporters who've also lent a hand packing food boxes at our warehouse in Jerusalem. Recently, when Uri, 9, and his friends in Beit Shemesh - Chananya Rosner (9), Betzalel Novick (9), Zevi Jacobs (9) and Akiva Jacobs (7) - had some free time, they decided to put it to productive use. Thanks to good weather and a little inspiration, the boys set up a mini business making lemons into lemonade, and chose to donate their ma'aser money to Yad Eliezer. The only question was, which program to donate to? After much consideration, the entrepreneurs decided to earmark the funds for Yad Eliezer's Feed a Baby program. When asked why, Uri said “Newborn babies are so little and cute, I just want them to be able to up big and strong”. Wise words, and we couldn't agree more. A big thank you goes out to all these generous businessmen!


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