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Meron Tragedy-Emergency Help

Yad Eliezer's Meron Crisis Relief Campaign is underway

Monday, May 03, 2021

As soon as the Meron tragedy began to unfold, Yad Eliezer put the wheels in motion to begin providing help to its victims' families. As we continue to learn about the families themselves, we are also learning of the great need they are facing.

The sudden and tremendous loss has, overnight, created families of devastated almanos and yesomim who are in urgent need of financial support to make ends meet and keep their homes stable. Needless to say the tragedy is so severe that the emotional suffering of everyone involved (including mourning parents and family members) is unimaginable and extreme, and there is great need for survivors' and families' therapy and counseling. 

The Meron Crisis Relief Campaign is providing emergency aid to these families, to help cover their most urgent expenses, and try to alleviate some of their strain by alleviating financial concerns.

Please help us in this critical campaign and make a real difference during this tragic time, by donating today.


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