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Seventh Grade ASHAR Students Reach out to Help Meron Families

Bake sale generates over $1000 in tzedaka

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Inspired by studies in halacha related to tzedaka, the seventh grade girls’ class of ASHAR (Adolph Schreiber Hebrew Academy of Rockland) took on a special chesed project recently, to benefit Meron victims’ families, through Yad Eliezer’s Meron Crisis Relief Campaign. With Shavuos approaching, the creative and talented class, led by their equally skilled principal & teachers, quickly organized an incredible bake sale, collecting the proceeds and donating them directly to Yad Eliezer. 

The seventh graders, along with their ELA teacher, Mrs. Mindy Reifer, share a bit about their wonderful project-

“When Mrs. Jacobson, our principal and Chumash teacher, first suggested the idea that we organize a charity event to complement our halacha lessons on tzedakah, we immediately shared a wide range of possibilities. We soon realized that most of us share a love for baking, and preparing desserts for the upcoming Shavuos holiday would help our community while raising funds for others at the same time.  

We reviewed different charitable foundations and after analyzing a few options, we voted to send our profits to Yad Eliezer.  After the horrific tragedy that occurred at Meron on Lag B’Omer, we felt that contributing our profits to help the families and victims who were directly impacted by this event would be meaningful and timely.  

Two students from our class volunteered to create a website dedicated to this special fund-raising bake sale.  Together with our technology coordinator, Mrs. Miriam Goldman, they published a website that could link to our school site and accept orders and payment.  They collaborated with the rest of us to organize which desserts each student could bake, and we worked together with our principal to set prices that seemed fair and appropriate.  

Patrons, primarily consisting of parents, grandparents, staff, and students, placed orders on the student-created website, and we watched, excitedly, as the orders rolled in.  We then fulfilled the many orders, spending hours in our kitchens to whip up alluring, sale-worthy confections.  

After two weeks of hard work and perseverance, the day of the bake sale arrived.  We prepared our products and watched with joy as our customers relished the desserts they would serve to their guests after the Yom Tov meal.  Knowing our hard work served a uniquely significant purpose only added to the pride and sense of accomplishment we all felt.  We know our contribution supported a worthy cause.”

What an amazing group! Yad Eliezer is extremely grateful to the ASHAR students, staff and supporters for their drive to donate to Israel, and their instrumental role in this impressive & generous chesed initiative! 


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