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It's Summer so it's Time for Coats

At Yad Eliezer, the winter starts now

Monday, June 14, 2021

Despite the fact that temperatures are high, at Yad Eliezer we are already gearing up for our annual Winter Warmth Campaign, which distributes thousands of thick, quality coats and quilts to Israel's neediest families for the winter

How it works

Determining which coats are of the highest quality with our buyers, is the first step in the process. We look at thickness and level of warmth, but also at design, to ensure that every recipient feels confident, wearing the same styles that are in fashion. As soon as this is established, the order gets placed for production and delivery from China: this year we've ordered 14,500 coats! Early planning ensures that we can get the best coats at the best prices, enabling us to distribute as many as we can to families who would otherwise go without. It's just one of the things Yad Eliezer does that makes it such an effective Israeli charity.

Our Winter Warmth campaign is crucial 

Now, as summer is just beginning, it's hard to imagine how cold it gets in Israel during the winter months. But temperatures plummet, making it an extremely difficult time of year for families whose children have no coats to wear when they go outside. A simple walk to school becomes impossible for a child, when it's raining and the weather is frigid, but no coat is available. 

Our campaign brings immeasurable cold weather relief to needy households around the clock-with new coats for family members to wear during the day, and new winter blankets to sleep under, at night.    

Contributions from our generous donors are what make all this possible. Winter may seem far off, but time passes quickly, so stay tuned for updates on our 2021-22 Winter Warmth Campaign


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