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Jewish Federation Sarasota Manatee

Thursday, May. 25, 2017. 2:35 AM

Yad Eliezer is very grateful to the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee for their generous $10,000 grant pledge toward our Feed-A-Baby program! This charitable contribution will go a long way in helping feed hungry babies from impoverished families throughout Israel. Thank you! ​​ READ MORE

Bar Mitzvah Twinning-Thank You

Tuesday, May. 23, 2017. 5:55 AM

Bar Mitzvah twinning is always meaningful-bringing the joy of giving to the donor, and happiness coupled with great appreciation to the recipient. The mother of one such recipient recently expressed her gratitude in this letter. READ MORE

Krinsky's Supermarket Rounds Up for Yad Eliezer

Monday, May. 22, 2017. 6:49 AM

A few weeks before Pesach, Naomi Krinsky was out shopping near her home in Sydney, Australia. As she went to check out, she was asked if she'd like to "round up" her purchase for charity (rounding her bill up to the next decimal, or adding any amount, which would then be donated). She agreed... READ MORE

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