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Printed in Ye'ted Ne'eman after Operation Pillar of Cloud

by shalvi

Sunday, December 23, 2012

We residents of the south had a very unpleasant experience; moments of fright, difficult questions from the children, and a forced ‘vacation’ in our shelters and sealed rooms. Within those difficult moments we saw the beauty and generosity of the Jewish people. Some people graciously hosted members of our community in safer areas, and others even left their homes to stay with family in order to give their homes to people that they had never met, schools and nurseries that opened their doors and their hearts and gave of their time, energy, and money on behalf of children from the south. We saw sensitivity on the part of teachers, melamdim, and child-care providers. Thank you.

In addition we would like to express our gratitude to Yad Eliezer who sponsored five buses full of the residents of Ofakim for a day of fun and relaxation in Jerusalem. Children who hadn’t left their homes for days on end had the opportunity to be outside and enjoy themselves without stress and fear. The pizza and treats that were distributed added to the festive atmosphere.

Throughout the long days of the war, cheder boys sat in their homes and shelters and learned in small groups. Yad Eliezer volunteers visited to bring goodies and to cheer up the students, giving them tremendous strength to continue!

As Shabbos approached the cease-fire was announced. Those who had left began returning home again to find that Yad Eliezer’s volunteers brought each family a box of food items for Shabbos. We felt that someone truly cares about us, identifies with us, and considers our needs.

May HaShem repay them according to their kindness, and allow them to continue to help others in need.

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