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  • Urgent Answers to Burning Questions

    11/29/2009 — The official at the Yad Eliezer headquarters picks up the ringing phone, but the woman on the other end is so utterly hysterical that she is barely able to get her words out... Read More

  • Big Brother is Watching You

    9/28/2004 — In 1998, Yad Eliezer's office received word that there was a family in the adjacent Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood that was suffering from hunger. Dov Weisel decided to make a house call... Read More

  • The Other Israel Story

    3/2/2010 — With a third of children in poverty, Yad Eliezer offers help.Israeli Simcha Reiser’s mission took him to his native America at perhaps the worst of possible times... Read More


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