Hunger on Purim

Purim Means Fun, Food, and Laughter, But Not for the Poor.

Being poor is always hard, but on holidays- it's even harder.

Children of poor families see all of their friends and neighbors sending each other mishloach manot (festive holiday treats) and dressing up in costumes- while in their homes they hardly have school clothes to wear and bread to eat. Teachers ask children to contribute a few shekels towards Purim treats for school parties, and disadvantaged children are forced to face the shame of explaining to their teachers that their parents don't have any money for such celebrations.

Purim is fast approaching and most families are making plans for sumptous meals.

Yet in Israel, thousands will open their refrigerators on Purim to find the shelves empty just like on every other day.

Yad Eliezer believes that every Jew deserves to celebrate Purim with joy and satiety.

You can make it happen.

Our Solution

Purim Israel This year, celebrate Purim with Yad Eliezer! Your matanot l’evyonim donations feed thousands of families all over the country, bringing smiles and laughter to poor families on the day of Purim itself. In 2016, Yad Eliezer distributed approximately $450,000 in matanot l’evyonim to thousands of families in dozens of cities throughout Israel. This year, even more families throughout Israel will gather around the table to enjoy the holiday with dignity and happiness thanks to you!

Make your Purim truly joyful. This Purim, make a difference to a poor family in Israel with Yad Eliezer.

All money recieved on the 14th of Adar, will be distributed outside of Jerusalem, and all money recieved on the 15th of Adar when Purim is being celebrated in Jerusalem will be distributed in Jerusalem.

Purim is a time when sadness, confusion and fear are transformed into joy. At Yad Eliezer, that's what we do every day. This Purim please join us

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