Freedom From Poverty?

It's hard to feel free when you're hungry.

Pesach is a celebration of freedom, but what does it mean to be free?

Poverty is a vicious cycle. It steals dignity, destroying any sense of normalcy, and filling homes with blame, frustration, and despair. It's hard to celebrate freedom in such an environment.

Pesach is coming and anticipation is in the air. Your family will gather around the seder table with your finest crystal and china sparkling. Faces will shine above beautiful, new holiday clothing. Matzo will be piled high as a sumptuous meal awaits. You will recline on a pillow drinking four glasses of wine and feeling the joy of freedom. It's hard to even imagine that at the same moment of your celebration there will be tens of thousands of families in Israel who don't have the means to celebrate Pesach without suffering from crushing debt. The harsh reality pronounced by recent poverty reports makes the facts strikingly clear. Tens of thousands of families are poor. Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering the ravages of poverty, and many of them go to bed hungry on a regular basis.

Families in Israel that can barely afford food year-round, are left staggering from the exorbitant prices of matzo, wine, and chicken at Pesach time. Every Jew yearns for a beautiful family seder- but for some, the yearning remains unfulfilled.

You can change that. Your donation can bring joy and celebration. You can transform the holiday for a family in need.

This year a generous donor has offered matching funds up to $350,000, so donate now and double the impact of your holiday gift!

Your generous donation can help a family experience the taste of freedom.

Yad Eliezer’s Solution

Your donations will allow Yad Eliezer to provide chicken and supermarket vouchers to thousands of people in Israel this Pesach. Bulk chicken purchases enable Yad Eliezer to purchase large quantities at cost price and distribute them all over the country.

Needy families receive ten chickens, other holiday essentials, and about $180 in supermarket vouchers. Families in extreme poverty also receive financial aid. In order to avoid embarrassment, discrete neighborhood distributors throughout Israel welcome disadvantaged neighbors into their homes to pick up the chickens and vouchers.

Last year, we distributed over $450,000 worth of matzo, chicken, wine, and other holiday essentials to thousands of needy families including over 700 almanos, 500 grushos & agunos, and many, many other desperately poor people. This Pesach, with your help, we hope to distribute even more!

Join us now!

Give the gift of freedom. This year, share the dignity. Double your celebration by sharing your freedom with the hungry of Israel.
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