Celebrating Together

Make your joy complete. This Sukkot, include the poor of Israel in your celebration.

Sukkot is the grand culmination of the High Holidays. Surrounded by the cheerful walls of our sukka, we enjoy friends, family, and sumptuous meals. But how do we ensure that the celebration has a spiritual side to it as well?

By donating to Yad Eliezer, you can enable thousands of poor families to share the celebration. By providing for their physical needs, the spirituality of your celebration is enhanced exponentially.

Struggling against a cold economic climate and an increasingly inequitable job market, many of these families will be unable to provide even a chicken for the family holiday meals. The hunger of every other day will characterize these special days as well unless we choose to share our celebration with those less fortunate than we are.

Make your joy complete. This Sukkot, include the poor of Israel in your celebration.

Start Your Year Off Right With Yad Eliezer

Your donations will allow Yad Eliezer to provide chicken and supermarket vouchers to thousands of people in Israel this Sukkot. Bulk chicken purchases will allow Yad Eliezer to purchase large quantities at cost price and distribute them all over the country.

Needy families receive a case of chickens and supermarket vouchers worth $180 to feed them throughout the Holidays. Families struggling with the most extreme cases of poverty also receive financial aid. In order to avoid embarrassment, discrete neighborhood distributors throughout Israel welcome the poor into their homes to pick up the chickens and vouchers.

Your 2013 High Holiday donations allowed Yad Eliezer to provide the poor of Israel with almost a million dollars in food and market vouchers. Last Pesach, you upped the ante with donations of well over one million dollars, which provided assistance to more than 8,000 families. These families are struggling day to day, yet hoping that soon the holidays will come and they will receive the assistance that will provide them with some healthy nutritious meals.

Now the continuing fallout of the economic decline has raised the bar. Unemployment is high, and recent surveys have shown that even many working families are living below the povery line. That is where the Yad Eliezer family steps in.

Your holiday donation through Yad Eliezer goes further than if you had given it directly to the poor. A generous donor has pledged to match each $2 donation with $1. And local retailers add 6%-8% value of the vouchers as well. That means that your $100 donation will provide about $160 of aid!

Your open heart is the difference between hunger and celebration for thousands of Jewish children. This Sukkot, let’s celebrate together. LEARN HOW YOUR DONATIONS THIS YEAR ARE IMPACTING LITAL AND HER FAMILY
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