Israel Needs You

The heart of the Jewish world is beating together with the hearts of frightened mothers and children.
Sirens and explosions punctuate the days and nights of hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians.

Supplies are running low, and terror is high.

A trip to the market for bread and milk can be life threatening.

Israel is under fire, and our hearts burn along with her.

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Help Us Help Them

Support Israeli Families Under Fire

You can make a difference by sponsoring food boxes for families under fire, toys to keep children safely occupied in the shelters, and care packages to warm the hearts of IDF soldiers on the Gaza border.

After three weeks of living under fire, all semblance of normalcy is lost. The shelters are often in substandard conditions, and with food and supplies running out, it is imperitive to send relief immediately. Many of the families in southern Israel live below the poverty line. Even under the best conditions life is fraught with difficulties. Let us show them our care and support by providing practical relief to lighten their burden.

Aside from the sheer terror of hearing sirens and explosions dozens of times a day, keeping children occupied in the shelters is a constant challenge. When families recieve toys and snacks it makes the unbearable a little more bearable and shows them that they are not alone. We are standing behind them and supporting them.

Help us provide relief now!

Thank you to our partners and sponsors who have helped us to distribute over $400,000 of aid: hundreds of thousands of dollars of food vouchers, many hundeds of food packages for families down south, thousands high quality toys for children in shelters, and thousands of care packages for IDF soldiers on the Gaza border. A detailed description of our distribution so far can be seen by clicking here.

Thank you for partnering with us in these crucial projects. Your donation makes a difference.
And...may HKBH help us all in the z’chus of this Tzedaka and Chesed.


Food Boxes In Israel - Yad Eliezer

400,000 families in Israel go hungry daily. Our food boxes are helping alleviate hunger for over 4000 families and counting. Donate now.


Holiday Fund: Food Vouchers For The Hungry of Israel

Since 1989, we have been privileged to help create happy holiday memories for some 8,000 poor families by discretely distributing vouchers for chicken, meat, and other foodstuffs as well as clothing and shoes.


Arrange For Kaddish For a Loved One - Yad Eliezer

Arrange Kaddish prayer services for a loved one while supporting our poverty relief programs.


Help the Needy of Israel on Passover - Yad Eliezer

Thousands of families in Israel can barely afford food year-round, let alone the exorbitant prices of matzo, wine, and chicken at Pesach time. We can change that.


Purim Cards

Send these cheerful cards to your friends and relatives in lieu of mishloach manot, and help needy families in Israel celebrate Purim at the same time!


Big Brothers, Big Sisters Israel - Yad Eliezer

Thousands of boys and girls from dysfunctional homes in Israel are given the chance for a healthy future thanks to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program.


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