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Yad Eliezer's mentoring program- Changing Israel's tomorrow once child at a time-

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* A program that has proven itself to keep kids off of the streets and in schools

* A program that has provides love, support and guidance to kids who need it most

* A program that municipalities in Israel rely on to help at risk kids before they become a crime statistic

*4,500 children who have nobody else to turn to

* Help David bring home more tests with A+ written at the top, giving him sucess and hope for a brighter future!

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Keren Yehudit Appliance Packages

The Keren Yehudit Fund was established to help orphan brides in need, by supplying them with brand new basic appliances, so they can set up their homes just like other new brides.


Keren Almonos

The Almanos Fund helps widows in need, who still have children at home, with costs ranging from daily living expenses to medical treatments and weddings for their kids. Help us alleviate some of their pain by lightening some of their burden.


Adopt-a-Wedding - Yad Eliezer

For over 20 years, we have been catering simple but elegant weddings for couples who otherwise could not afford it. To date American Friends of Yad Eliezer has helped over 15,000 couples celebrate their special day with dignity.


Rosh Hashana, High Holiday Donation Opportunities

Help needy families with food purchases in honor of the High Holidays. Together we can bring them a sense of celebration, making it a happier new year.


Job Training Program Fund - Yad Eliezer

We break the cycle of poverty by enabling individuals and families to become self-sufficient, giving them the skills they need to become productive in a trade or profession.


Bread and Milk

Impoverished families are often unable to buy groceries to feed their families. "Groceries" doesn't mean extras. Sometimes it means even the most basic items like bread and milk.


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