About The Program

The Keren Almanos & Yesomim (Widows & Orphans Support fund) was established to provide widows in Israel with monthly stipends to help them support their children. The fund provides widow's from all walks of life, (depending on her situation and her family’s need) with an average of $500-$600 per home every month. Each widow that is assisted is checked out to verify exactly what her income, expenses and needs are. The money is transferred directly to her bank account, ensuring that there is literally no embarrassment involved in the receipt of the funds.

At this time, Yad Eliezer provides support to over 530 widows each month, which brings the annual budget for this fund alone to approximately $4 million. Many more widows and orphans are waiting for your help so that they can be added to the Widow and Orphan Fund roster. Every dollar donated to the fund goes directly to help the needy. In addition, the fund is fully transparent, and donors are invited to come and see clearly where every dollar they donate goes.

$18,000 Support 3 Families for a Year
$12,000 Support 2 Families for a Year
$6,000 Support 1 Family for a Year
$3,600 Support a Smaller Family for a Year
$1,800 Support a Smaller Family for Half a Year
$1,000 Support a Family for 2 months
$500 Support a Family for 1 month

How You Can Help

Below are six actual tragic cases that we desperately need to help.
1. Ziva from Jerusalem - 7 children - $850 a month
Nissim Chizkiyahu was diagnosed with cancer in his tongue and passed
away after one year of illness. His family went through a very
difficult time while he was sick. Ziva was left a widow with six
children to care for on her own, and although in the beginning they
had people helping them financially, they are now on their own. Ziva
has been looking for work but she is still unemployed.

2. Leah from Bnei Brak - 7 children - $570 a month
Chaim had cancer for four years and suffered tremendously the last
years of his life, including needing to have his leg amputated. Now,
his widow, Leah, has a lot of debts and is in a very difficult
financial situation. There are dental expenses needed for their family
but they have no way to pay for them.

3. Rivka from Ashdod - 13 children - $430 a month
Yosef died of cancer leaving behind a wife and 13 children. Many of
her children are married, but she still has huge debts from their
weddings and her teacher's salary isn't enough to make a dent in those
bills. She lives simply and cuts corners but is in need of financial
help nonetheless.

4. Edna from Elad - 1 child - $285 a month
Her husband succumbed to cancer after one short year. She has one
daughter in her 20s who lives with her at home. Neither of them have
work and they have no help from anywhere.

5. Avivit from Elad - 5 children - $340 a month
Avivit's husband was diagnosed with leukemia and succumbed to his
illness a mere two weeks later. The mother was left alone to care for
four children at home with one child married. Her children desperately
need tutors. Although Avivit did not want to accept help, the
situation has come to the point where she needed to ask for help.

6. Miriam from Jerusalem - 10 children - $430 a month
Meir Zev suffered from cancer for two years before passing away,
leaving his wife a widow with 3 of their 10 children still living at
home. Miriam was traumatized because a number of her neighbors had
also lost family member from cancer as well. Miriam has many debts to
pay off in addition to her family's daily expenses.
Heal Israel's broken hearts � donate to the Yad Eliezer Widow and Orphan Fund today!

Your donation gives these struggling families the opportunity to regain a sense of normalcy. We lighten the load, perhaps enough to begin to heal broken hearts and put broken lives back together.


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