Jewish Charity Fund In the U.S. children are taught from an early age that if they witness an emergency, they should immediately dial 911. (In Israel it’s 100 for the police, 101 for an ambulance or 102 for a fire.)

But for families in need, sometimes an emergency occurs for which there is no number to call for help:
-The utility bill is overdue, so a young couple and their baby suddenly find themselves sitting in a dark, frigid apartment in the middle of winter
-A child is rushed to the dentist in excruciating pain and needs urgent, expensive dental treatment her parents can’t possibly afford
-The landlord unexpectedly evicts a single mother and she has no money to move her family's belongings to a different location

True emergency stories like these come into the Yad Eliezer offices every day. With no savings to fall back on, and often no family support people are left without options, dejectedly trying to figure out how to get through the crisis.

Your Emergency financial assistance is the saving grace that enables the family’s power to get turned back on, provide pain relief for the child, help the single mother move her family to their new home, and fill countless other needs.

Please donate to Yad Eliezer’s Emergency Fund. You’ll be there to answer their call and make all the difference.

Over 5.5 million dollars in emergency assistance is distributed annually. 
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