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Tonight One Third of Israeli Children Will Go To Bed Hungry

Over seven hundred thousand children in Israel live below the poverty line. But poverty doesn’t begin with hunger. Hunger is a symptom. So are depression, disease, and abuse.

Since the Weisel family began distributing weekly food boxes out of their home in 1980, Yad Eliezer's charity initiatives have grown to combat many symptoms of poverty. Israel's largest hunger-relief agency is also one of the only comprehensive anti-poverty networks impacting the entire nation. 

Although poverty rehabilitation begins with our food boxes, it doesn't end with them. In-house collaboration between our nineteen economic and social welfare programs leads to hunger relief and poverty rehabilitation with lasting effects. With your help, over 20,000 Yad Eliezer families are breaking the cycle of poverty once and for all.

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Break the Cycle of Poverty in Israel Today

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Change Through Charity
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