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New clothes, for the very first time!

by Ofakim Rabbi

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nissan 5771

To the donors who give with their hearts, Shlita,

I would like to express the intense hakaras hatov we have towards you, for what you have done for us and for the Rebbeim that devote their time and strength to teach Toras Hashem.

We are in awe of your remarkable dedication that you have towards the families in our community; families that eat “Pas b’melach” the entire year, people who never have extra change in their pockets. Because of your help they were able to buy new, quality clothing for Yom Tov for themselves, their wives, and their children, without scrupulously counting out exact change as they usually do.

I was zoche to personally witness your kindness. When I returned to my house Seder night after maariv, I saw Mrs. T, a young mother with 4 children, all dressed in Yom Tov clothing. This young woman’s husband is a big Talmid Chacham and they have no money at all. They live day to day not knowing what they are going to eat next. On the rare occasion when she buys the children clothing, it is very cheap stuff from a second-hand shop and even there she has to count out what she is able to buy. This year, she comes to my house glowing with pride and her children were no less excited. This was probably the first time in their lives that these boys and girls were actually wearing new clothing!

I must tell you that it warms my heart when I see the gift you gave this family and others who live in such poverty that I cannot even describe. This is just one story of many, about the impression that you have on the people in our community of Ofakim.

I will conclude with a heartfelt Bracha. Just as you merited to bring joy to the hearts of many, so to you should merit to make The Ribono Shel Olam proud. All your bakashos should be fulfilled l’tova, and may you have much bracha and hatzlacha in all your endeavors.


With tremendous hakaras hatov,

R’ Yosef Hershkowitz, Ofakim

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