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Yad Eliezer's New Wedding Halls in the News!

Yad Eliezer in the headlines!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

After many years of hope and hard work, Yad Eliezer's donors and staff celebrated the grand opening of our new state-of-the-art wedding halls in Bnai Brak. With many lovely features, this facility will allow over 350 families each year to celebrate their weddings at a highly subsidized price. No longer must the bride and groom choose between and pitiful wedding and a crushing burden of debt, rather they will be able to celebrate their special occasion surrounded by beauty and granduer and a fraction of the price of other halls. Yad Eliezer's subsidized Armonot Wolf halls in Jerusalem have been serving the public for many years, the new halls in Bnai Brak will allow us to offer this crucial service to many more struggling families.

Many thanks to all of our supporters- You have made this dream come true!

Photos of the very first wedding in the hall made the headlines, and can be viewed here.

To view more pictures of the Grand Opening, click here.


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