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$5 Million - Record Breaking Donations!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This holiday season Yad Eliezer received a record number of requests for help. Tens of thousands of families from dozens of cities throughout Israel turned to our staff with the hope that we would be able to put food on their holiday tables.

Thanks to an unprecedented amount of donations we were able to distribute a record breaking FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to over 18,000 families in need, reaching about 100,000 people and providing millions of meals!

We believe in transparency; donors have a right to know how their money is used, and to enjoy the pride and accomplishment of putting a smile on someone’s face and a nutritious meal in their stomach.

Most of the money was distributed in the form of food vouchers, which insures that the money is used for its intended purpose, and allows the recipients the self respect of shopping in a regular supermarket. The supermarket chains contribute 5-8% to the value of the vouchers, adding an overall value to your contributions of nearly $200,000.

Your donations helped us to:

Provide 1500 single mothers with food vouchers.

Provide vouchers to 3,200 low income IDF soldiers so that they don’t need to stay on base in order to have food for the holidays.

Provided plentiful meat for 1000 families who normally are forced to live on a high-diet.

Provided food vouchers to an additional 12,300 families who are suffering from illness, unemployment or other painful circumstances.

Thank you to all of our donors and supporters for making this a truly happy holiday for 100,000 of the most needy individuals in Israel!


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