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Mazal Tov to our Winners!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Miriam is a widowed mother of 4 struggling to keep her job, but even so she can’t meet all of her children’s needs on her own.

Yerucham had to leave his job to care for his wife as she deals with agonizing medical treatments. Each day is a struggle as he travels back and forth between his children at home and his wife in the hospital.

Leah is the proud mother of twins, but her financial situation is so dire that she can’t afford to feed them properly.

And Heshy and Perel Kulefsy are the proud winners of two round trip tickets to Israel with an exciting vacation package.

What do all of these people have in common? They have all benefitted from Yad Eliezer’s sweepstakes.

We all know the value of the mitzvah of tzedaka. The greatest prize that we can receive is the knowledge that families like Miriam’s, Yerucham’s and Leah’s will have their needs met. Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of donors who have already donated to the Yad Eliezer sweepstakes we have been able to provide food vouchers to Miriam, a stipend to Yerucham, and baby formula to Leah’s twins. The satisfaction of being able to offer support and help to families in crisis is tremendously meaningful.

But it’s also nice to win a prize sometimes!

The Kulefsky’s will be able to visit Israel and see firsthand how donations like theirs transform people’s lives. Please join us now and buy a ticket to win the grand prize of $50,000. And enjoy the immediate satisfaction of providing support to the families that need it most!


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