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The Million Shekel Motorcycle

Thursday, November 02, 2017

We welcome the arrival of Yad Eliezer's new Million Shekel Motorcycle!

It doesn't actually cost a million shekels but it helps bring in a million shekels' worth of invaluable donations to Yad Eliezer every year. Our driver will be traveling the length and breadth of the country on this tzedaka-collecting machine, picking up contributions from hard working teenage volunteers who go door to door on Yad Eliezer's behalf. Any amount, no matter how small, is meaningful. You'd be surprised at how quickly they add up. Dedicated in honor of Elliot and Debbie Gibber for all they do in their commitment to helping Am Yisrael, the Million Shekel Motorcycle is a key component in the support of many vital Yad Eliezer programs.

As we say here in Israel, nesia tova-safe travels!


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