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An Exciting Sneak Peek

Monday, April 30, 2018

A few months ago we brought you some very exciting news; the announcement of our latest step in our effort to bring elegant, yet affordable weddings to impoverished couples-this time, in Israel’s south. And boy, does time fly- we’re almost there! Ahuzat Friedman in Ashdod will soon be opening its doors, enabling families to make weddings that will be beautiful but won’t cause them to go into terrible debt. Renovations are coming along and the soon-to-be exquisite, multi-hall complex is prepared to host 3 weddings each night, with its first simchas already scheduled for May 23. Much planning, time, energy and creativity have been invested in making this one of a kind wedding hall a venue the likes of which you’ve not seen before. These pictures are just a sneak peek at the work going on in Ahuzat Friedman, and we look forward to showing you the final results in just a few weeks!



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