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Tisha B'Av Campaign

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

People the world over have just finished commemorating the ninth of Av, Judaism's most tragic date on the calendar. With so many calamities occurring on that date- from the destruction of both Temples in ancient times, to the funeral of a young IDF soldier killed in battle in our times, and countless other somber events in between, the day is a dark one, indeed. 

There was a ray of light this year however, an event which culminated on the ninth of Av: Yad Eliezer's Tisha B'Av Campaign.

In just four days donors worldwide contributed close to $100,000 to help Israel's needy and impoverished in a wide variety of ways including providing vital food aid, essential baby formula, big-hearted bar mitzvah sponsorships...one donor even committed $12,000 to help a destitute bride cover all her wedding expenses!

Yes, the ninth of Av has been a tragic day for the Jewish people. But seeing this intense desire to help the less fortunate, and the incredible giving from so many generous hands, we hope that next year, Tisha B'Av will finally become a day of rejoicing.   



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