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Bringing Help Even When Off Duty

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Tzedakah and Chesed support israeli families in need

Members of the Israeli police force recently paid a call to Yad Eliezer's warehouse in Jerusalem. No one summoned them by dialing 100 though (Israel's "911")  - they came of their own accord. Tal Rubin, commander of the Shitur Kehillati of Jerusalem's Russian compound and Ofer Gigi, patrolman in Ramat Shlomo, regularly volunteer with children who have learning disabilities. They visited Yad Eliezer with kids from the Alonim school to pack food boxes for Israel's hungry

Mr. Gigi explains, "We want to do mitzvot and chesed-and to contribute to the community. Part of our contribution is also to help people in need, and we are happy to be here. We wish you hatzlacha in what you do and may G-d send you success in everything.."

Yad Eliezer was honored to host these wonderful volunteers who expertly assembled packages that are sent to families in need throughout the country. Their help was invaluable, and we can't wait till their next visit!



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