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IDF Holiday Campaign-Bigger Than Ever

Help us reach an unprecedented goal: $500,000 for soldiers in need

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Transform the Holidays, Transform a Life

With the High Holidays once again on our doorstep Yad Eliezer is working to help transform them from a stressful time to one of celebration for poor IDF soldiers. There are thousands of soldiers in Israel who can't put food on the table and this program steps in twice a year (Rosh Hashana time and Pesach) to help. Whether they are from impoverished homes, are lone soldiers with no family support, or have their own families and cannot provide for them on army stipends, the assistance makes the difference between sitting at a sparse, somber holiday table, and sitting at one that is full and festive. The impact is life changing.

Yoav S. received help through the program just last Pesach:
“I had to touch base with you about the vouchers you gave us-me, my wife and children. I just wanted to tell you that –really—all the purchases we will be making for Pesach this year, I will make with these “tlushim” (coupons). They are truly, truly helping me. The day before we learned about the assistance my wife had asked me, ‘How will we afford food for Pesach this year? We can’t go even further into debt…’ And then we got the news that the coupons would be available for us. Baruch Hashem I am proud to have the privilege of being an IDF soldier…. your help is like a miracle from above. Thank you very, very, very much. I really have no words”.

This year's campaign is bigger than ever before. 

Our fundraising goal is $250,000, which will be matched by a U.S. foundation to total $500,000-an unprecedented amount that will enable us to reach 3,700 soldiers and their families.

Help from our donors is the key and with it we will make a difference, giving them a positive start to the new year. Please join us!


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