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There's Still Time!

Your tzedaka will bring relief -and joy- for the High Holidays

Sunday, September 22, 2019

The High Holidays are practically here and the past few weeks in Israel have been full of excitement. Excitement about Israel's elections, that is. (Plus, the rare day off that an Israeli election brings...) 

But at Yad Eliezer the excitement has been of a different kind, one of a more urgent nature, that focuses on helping the poor get ready for the chagim. With the days quickly passing, time is ticking as we work to get needy families the funds that will help them replace sandwiches and noodles with chicken, wine and other festive foods for their holiday tables. That's why our High Holiday campaign, in full swing, is so crucial.

Excitement also pervades the Yad Eliezer Jerusalem warehouse, where families and groups continue to pack food boxes every day. The boxes, filled with essential food items and basic home products, provide struggling families with a sense of stability and normalcy-something that is a welcome change, especially with the holidays coming up.

The New Year is the perfect time to do something special and meaningful for families who live in great need every day of the year. There's still time to make a real difference for them!

Provide food for a family through our High Holiday Campaign and for needy soldiers through our IDF Holiday Campaign, and bring them all a sense of excitement and a Shana Tova.


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