Israel Bridal Fund
Have you ever seen a bride-to-be in a housewares store?
You can spot her pretty easily-the smile on her face, the sparkle in her eye as she wanders from aisle to aisle with her long list, picking and choosing which items she’d like for the new home she and her husband are about to create. By the time she’s done, she’s happily chosen bedding, towels, dishes, kitchen supplies and lots of other things they’ll soon need.  

For a bride-to-be who comes from an impoverished background, her list is usually short, if there's even a list at all.  She and her family will have enough trouble trying to figure out how to pay for her wedding, let alone outfit a new home afterwards. What should be a fun planning experience is instead, discouraging and sad.

Yad Eliezer's Kol Kallah fund was established to help fill in some of the list. Gift vouchers provided through the program enable brides-in-need to go shopping so they, too can purchase new, crucial items for their homes.

But they do even more than that.
They give brides a sense of excitement and anticipation, helping them feel just a bit like everyone else.
Donate to our Kol Kallah fund and bring happiness, a smile and some sparkle to a bride in need.

Donations to Yad Eliezers Kol Kallah fund can be made in honor of a friend or relative who is hoping to get married. In return, the recipient kallah will pray for her on the wedding day.
Our Kol Kallah brides are happy and eager to be able to pay it forward. Contact us for more details.

About 900 brides-to-be are helped yearly through this program
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