No Celebration for Him

Many Jewish boys look forward to their bar mitzvahs for years before the event. They will finally be considered an adult and have the priviledge of donning tefillin. But what about the Jewish boys who cannot afford tefillin, let alone a celebration?

While all of his friends are honored with lavish receptions, new suits, new shoes, and shiny boxes of tefillin, the boy from a poverty-stricken home will be deeply disappointed as he watches from the sidelines knowing that he will enjoy none of that. His special day will come and go with no celebration at all.

Yad Eliezer wants to enable every Jewish boy to celebrate his bar mitzvah with pride.

Help Them in Honor of My Bar Mitzvah

Dearest Friends & Family,

Many of you know I will be 13 in just a few months, In January 2015 I will be celebrating my Bar Mitzvah,

For my Bar Mitzva project, I want to sponser one, or preferbly two, children in Israel so that they can also have a Bar Mitzva, to get a pair of Tefillin and to have a small party.

To do this I would like to collect $1000 to sponser one child's Bar Mitzvah, I am aiming for $2000.

with the help of Hashem I want to do my part so I am partnering with Yad Eliezer to make this possible. I am asking from all those who can, to help me reach my goal of $1000 to ensure that a 13 yaer old boy in Israel celabrate his Bar Mitzva and take his place as a member of the Jewish nation with pride.

This will cover the cost of Tefillin, Talit, Siddur, a suite and a festive meal for his friends and family.

Maybe we can raise enough for TWO boys??

Please help me give these children a Bar Mitzva experience they will never forget,

My wish is to help the poor and needy, and this is a great way to do it.

Thank you

Jake (Shmuel) G.


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