Big Brothers and Sisters
The child-parent bond is a crucial one, a connection that when positive and strong, can have long lasting, beneficial effects on the child's life.
But so many kids are missing that connection. And without it, they are at risk of leading lives with multiple detrimental challenges.

Kids like Aaron, whose father has cancer. When not going to medical appointments, he's asleep.
He simply doesn't have enough energy to spend time with him.

Kids like Shlomo, whose parents are divorced. His mother, raising her children alone, works two jobs so she can support them all.
She's rarely home and rarely sees them.

Kids like Sara, whose mother passed away several years ago. Severely depressed, her father hasn't been the same, since and either keeps his distance or bursts out in anger.
Life at home is difficult and unpleasant.

For these kids and countless others, each with their own painful situation, there's a void-an empty spot in their lives where the lack of a parent is felt so strongly. While their friends have someone to learn with, someone to take them shopping for a new pair of shoes, or just someone to talk to about their day, these kids have no one.

Yad Eliezer's Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Israel help fill the void in the lives of over 3500 Israeli boys and girls like these. They are there to assist with studies and learning during the school year but they will also be found hosting kids at their homes on Shabbat and holidays, filling in for missing dads at Bar Mitzvahs and  providing a listening ear whenever it's needed.

It's because of your support that they can support these kids, all year long.
About 4,000 mentors are changing lives through this program. 
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