Widow and Orphan Fund in Israel Help Ease a Bereaved Family's Pain

Aliza and Boris J. were happily married for 15 years, going about their daily lives while raising a large, beautiful family. When Boris was diagnosed with cancer his initial prognosis was positive and his family looked forward to the day he would be back at home, laughing and playing with his children. Sadly it was not to be and he passed away from the illness, leaving everyone behind.

Shortly before Pesach, Shlomo and Yehudit S., a young Jerusalem couple, were excited to learn they were expecting. As they smilingly discussed whether it would be a boy or a girl, Yehudit certainly wasn't expecting that a few weeks later Shlomo would lose his life in a tragic car accident, never having seen his new child.

The loss of a spouse and parent is always terrible, always heartbreaking. The devastation and emotional pain experienced by the family never fully subside. They are only made worse once the surviving members find themselves in a desperate financial situation- when their main breadwinner is suddenly gone and now they can't cover even their most basic needs.

Yad Eliezer is there for these families, providing financial and emotional assistance to those who need it most.

The Keren Chanan & Miriam Vim Widow and Orphan Fund and the Jack Fogel Orphan Fund help Israel's needy widows and orphans live their lives with dignity, by supplying much needed funds to cover a myriad of vital expenses.

Our Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs pair adult mentors with children who need an extra, reliable shoulder to lean on.

Our food programs including Food Boxes, Shabbat Chicken, and Surplus Produce ensure that families who are likely to go hungry--don't.

Every donation to Yad Eliezer's Widows and Orphans Fund helps keep a heartbroken family afloat, preventing them from slipping into financial & emotional despair, accompanying them as they slowly work to build their lives, anew.

Over 750 widows and thousands of children are assisted through this fund.
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