Job Training in Israel
If you’ve ever passed a busy playground, you’ve undoubtedly heard all kinds of things being shouted out by the kids playing there. One common expression repeated countless times over is right after something “didn’t count” or “wasn’t fair”. The expression? “Do over!”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, as adults we could get a Do Over anytime something didn’t go exactly as we had planned?

Yad Eliezer’s Job Training program provides a form of Do Over for qualifying applicants who are working to better their lives by studying toward a degree or certification, but need further tuition assistance to complete their courses. Our Microfinancing initiative provides financial help for small business owners who need an extra boost to get (or keep) their enterprise going.

This crucial program is literally a life changing one. Since 2004, it has provided men and women in Israel with skills they need to become productive in a trade, profession or business, becoming self sufficient with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty in the home. And what keeps it running are the contributions provided by generous donors. Please consider investing in people’s potential by donating to our Job Training fund.

Help give them their own Do Over.

About 75 people are supported through this program each year.
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