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The head of the table is empty, but will the plates be too?

Make a Donation for Single Mothers in Israel

by Shalvi Waldman

0 Comments | Monday, March 23, 2015 under Holiday Fund

Make a donation for single mothers in Israel

Shira has five children and a full time job. Her husband left the country illegally and sends no child support. She isn't eligible for government assistance because she is not officially a single mother as she hasn't yet received a get, even though it has been nearly four years since her husband left. Her full time job hardly covers the monthly basics: food, housing, tuition and utilities. The Pesach foods are much more costly that the pasta and rice that are the family's daily fare. She knows that the head seat at the table will be empty again. But will the plates also be empty?

Miriam has been raising her three small children alone for the past year. Her husband is begging to return home, but she refuses to go back to the violence and fear that she lived with for years. Meanwhile her husband isn't working, and is living in a car parked in front of her apartment building. She longs to go forward with her life, but with no child support the limited funding that she lives on is hardly enough to pay the rent on their small one bedroom apartment. Her daughters don't like to go out to play on Shabbat because their only footwear is torn weekday boots and not the cute shabbat shoes that the other girls wear. Pesach is around the corner. Miriam's heart is breaking in half. Will she have the strength to stay strong in her resolve that the children deserve to grow up in a home without fear? Will anyone hear her silent cry for help and give her what she needs to provide food and clothing for her family this holiday?

There are many organizations that care for widows and orphans, and very few that are sensitive to the unique needs of single mothers and their children. Yad Eliezer would like to provide the help and support that they need, but we can only do it with your help. Yad Eliezer has received a unique partnership opportunity to provide for single mothers and their children this Pesach. Every dollar donated will be doubled by a generous donor, up to $125,000. Donate now and your $100 is worth $200! Please donate now and help Shira, Miriam and hundreds of other single mothers and their children to celebrate the holiday with joy.

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