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The Little Champions

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Wednesday, December 12, 2018 under Volunteering, Feed-a-Baby

Special Support for our Feed-A-Baby Program

Their name may be The Little Champions, but their help-and their hearts-are HUGE.
Andrew Aryeh and Jennifer Ohebshalom established The Little Champions Foundation http://littlechampionsfoundation.com/ with one goal in mind: championing for kids. 
They recently did so for babies from needy families through Yad Eliezer's Feed A Baby program, and we are honored to be a recipient of their extraordinary generosity.
I could tell you about The Little Champions' initiative but you might as well get the information straight from the source. 
Mr. Aryeh was kind enough to share the details with us:
"The Little Champions Foundation was founded six years ago in order to help children. Every year we organize a fundraiser in order to raise money for a cause that has a mission that we believe in. Yad Eliezer's Feed A Baby program is an incredible organization that helps young Israeli families make sure that their children grow up strong and healthy. We believe that every baby in this world deserves that opportunity. After we did some more research about Yad Eliezer we decided to put together a fundraiser in order to raise some funds. We had a 50 person team working together to make sure that the night was a success. We ended up hosting an event for 500 young professional attendees in Manhattan. People came from all over New York to attend our event. It was a really fun night. All of our attendees danced, and drank and ate. And with their help we were able to raise over $40,000 for the Feed a Baby program. The Little Champions Foundation is thankful to be able to work with Yad Eliezer and look forward to helping more Israeli families together in the future." 
Aren't we lucky to have these champions as friends?


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