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Something Special to do During Summer Bake

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Sunday, August 18, 2019 under Volunteering

I hate to admit it but summer is slowly reaching its end-vacation days are numbered! I remember as a kid, looking so forward to summer. The start of vacation was always exciting: that unique anticipation of having endless time. Long, worry-free, school-free days of opportunity, excitement and fun. But by the end of summer it was a different story. Ya, the days were long, but they were also really...hot (August in the midwest felt so much hotter than June and July!). Ideas of fun things to do had run out. I actually kind of looked forward to going back to school. 

Menucha T. and her sister Yocheved, ages 12 and 9, don’t seem to have that kind of experience and when they have time, they make sure to make the most of it. For the third year in a row, the girls, along with eight of their cousins, once again ran their annual bake sale to benefit Yad Eliezer. Having packed food boxes at our warehouse several times, they know all about Yad Eliezer and the important work we do. This inspired the chesed-minded group to follow suit.
These kids really know how to be productive-the project was a four day investment, carefully planned and executed. A full day of baking, two more of planning and organizing and the final day, the Friday before Tisha B’Av, was the big sale. For four hours, the girls, ages 5-15, stood outside their Jerusalem home, with a beautiful display of their merchandise plus ice coffee (the girls are careful to note that it was decaf) and lemonade. I remember the weather that Friday; it was hot- but that was no deterrent and as people passed, they were inspired and impressed-both by the girls’ dedication and effort, and also by their products. 

Consistent with years past, the sale was a great success. Young and old alike walked away happily with delicious food and the feeling of contributing to something especially meaningful. Feedback from the happy customers included “This is really special!”, “Kol hakavod!” and other similar comments. 

Yocheved, Menucha and their staff raised hundreds of shekels which, with the help of their parents, they donated straight to Yad Eliezer. It’s beautiful to know that kids at every age are out there, using their time - even their last summer vacation days - to help people in need. Their creativity and eagerness never cease to amaze us. We always say that every donation makes a difference, and this one certainly will. 


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