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When Rockets Ruin Weddings

Yad Eliezer is there to save the (special) day

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Tuesday, November 12, 2019 under Adopt-a-Wedding

The security situation in Israel today (Nov. 12) is extremely tense as rocket attacks from Gaza have been occurring since early this morning. The country is on high alert, with schools, places of employment and offices in Israel's south and parts of the center, closed due to the security threat. What happens though, when simchas like weddings that are scheduled for these areas are cancelled, with families notified at the last minute that unfortunately their events can't take place? 

That's just what happened to three couples who were due to get married at Yad Eliezer's Ahuzat Friedman halls in Ashdod. Upon receiving the bad news, the nervous families scrambled, trying to figure out what to do. But Yad Eliezer is adept at thinking on its feet and helping people even at a moment's notice. So we got to work, quickly. Due to our careful planning, connections and expertise at making weddings, we found three alternative venues for "our" families at no extra cost (at halls in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem), and as we always strive to do with any of our forms of aid, we relieved their stress, enabling them to make their celebrations. That's incredibly meaningful, especially on a difficult day like today. Mazal tov!


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