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Great Kids

by Braha Bender

0 Comments | Sunday, April 18, 2010 under Sponsorship

Yoni and Eli Schwartz had some pocket money. It was all theirs. They had earned it babysitting. They had plenty of good ideas about where their money could go. But before spending their hard-earned cash, Yoni and Eli decided to give ma’aser (a tithe) from their earnings to Yad Eliezer.

The Schwartz family, who made aliya about a year and a half ago from Teaneck, New Jersey, were good friends with Yad Eliezer Director of Public Relations Yossi Kaufman. Jason, the boys dad, phoned Yossi to say that two of his sons wanted to make a donation.

A few days before Pesach, Yossi drove out to Beit Shemesh so that the Schwartz boys could deliver their ma’aser money in person. With baseball caps on their heads and big smiles on their faces, Yoni and Eli made their personal donations to Yad Eliezer. The money was all theirs. They had earned it. And now the mitzvah was theirs to keep – forever.


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