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Let Us Rebuild

by Shalvi Weissman

0 Comments | Thursday, July 11, 2013 under Food Boxes, Shabbat Chicken

Ahuva is eighteen years old. She is a smart and sweet young lady who works hard and gets good grades. You would never know what she faces when she comes home each day.

Since her father was taken to jail two years ago, her mother has become so depressed that she hardly functions. The younger children are often left to fend for themselves. Ahuva returns from school to find her mother in bed, the children hungry and wet pieces of the ceiling falling onto the kitchen floor. Her 12 year old brother was sent home early from school again. She wants a better future for herself, and would like to invest in her studies, but she too is hungry. Where should she begin?

Ahuva drops her school bag in the room that she shares with five siblings, turns around and leaves. She walks through Jerusalem’s alleys and streets until she finds herself standing in front of Milka’s desk at Yad Eliezer. She asks for help. Then she sits down and cries.

How does the story end? It’s up to us. Will there be enough funding to provide food? To keep the electricity from getting cut off? To arrange a ‘Big Brother’ for Ahuva’s little brother who is sorely in need of a mentor and father figure? To provide a scholarship that will allow Ahuva to get a fresh start and support herself respectably?

Yad Eliezer is here to help families like Ahuva’s. There are many. More than we would like to imagine. But Yad Eliezer is just an emissary. It is you, our supporters who make the difference in Ahuva’s life, and the lives of many others.

Tisha B’av, the time of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the dispersion of the Jewish people into the Diaspora is a time for introspection. Have we lost sight of the goals most important to us? What can we do to rebuild? How can we come together to care for each other? By rebuilding the life of one young woman and her family, we are rebuilding a whole world, and bringing ourselves all closer to our ultimate goal.

Please join us today.


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