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Ramot's Thank You Letter - Yad Eliezer

Ramot's Thank You Letter - Yad Eliezer

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

To our dear friends, the generous staff and supporters of Yad Eliezer,

We would like to thank you for your special distribution of blankets in our neighborhood.

I have been a gabai tzedaka for many years, but I was shocked and dismayed to find out this past week that there are families in our neighborhood who did not have blankets for their children to sleep with during these harsh, cold winter nights. If you hadn’t sent the blankets for us to distribute, we might have never know how many children were suffering from the cold every night. One child was using the blanket that he used as a baby, though it had been too small for him for years. To supplement the small blanket he slept with towels. Another child had scraps of old tattered ripped blankets. Each night his siblings would help him to arrange his 'puzzle pieces'. Another family's children all shared one big blanket. It would take them a long time to fall asleep at night as each child pulled his corner of the blanket to try to fully cover himself.

Thanks to your generosity and good hearts the children of Ramot will be warm during the cold winter nights. What a tremendous merit you have!

With deep gratitude and respect,

In the name of the Ramot Aleph Kupah Shel Tzedaka,

Aharon Disin

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