It's Getting Cold in Israel!

In Israel, winter is on our doorstep. It hasn't come in yet but will arrive at a moment's notice, overnight or with one strong rainfall. With it, freezing temperatures easily penetrate uninsulated apartments with drafty windows and leaky ceilings, giving poor families who lack basic cold weather essentials nowhere to go for relief. They have no funds for even the barest of necessities and are forced to choose between buying their children an item of warm clothing or food. In unheated homes, these children huddle together through frigid nights under thin, shared blankets. They arrive at school without coats or boots, hoping their friends won't notice their cold, wet feet in rain-soaked shoes. They do their best to hide one hole-filled sweater under another.

Everyday, heart wrenching stories of winter misery come in to the Yad Eliezer office:
A mother describes how her children hysterically cry out of fear and pray that winter won't come at all this year since their home is freezing and damp and they are too embarrassed to wear their same old, patched sweaters to school again;

In a different family, three sisters must take turns going to school as there is just one shared coat between them;

No one understood why 8 year old Yael came into the office alone and didn't leave for some time until was discovered that she just needed a warm place to sit and play.

For these families, winter is simply a time of fear and dread. And there's where Yad Eliezer must step in.
Yad Eliezer's Winter Warmth Campaign aims to get a jump on the bitter, biting cold now and help impoverished Israeli families across the country prepare for it before it hits. The need is greater than ever and we must provide vital winter relief by distributing 4,500 warm coats (at a cost of $18 each) 8,000 quilts ($12.00 each) and 600 heaters ($53 each) to families across the country. But we cannot do this without you.

Please help light up a child's face by providing them with a brand new coat. Make a mother's day by helping us get her a radiator with which to heat her home. Make a family's nights bearable by supplying them with new, warm blankets. These seemingly simple items are life altering and bring unbridled joy to those who need it most.

4,500 thick winter coats and 8,000 winter blankets were distributed to families in need.

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