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Mishloach Manos with Lander College

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

With Purim fast approaching the young women of Lander College got a head start! They spent a lovely, festive evening packing Mishlochei Manot - Purim food and celebration packages for needy families in southern Israel. Each package included some basic food items as well as a megillat Esther, a grogger, and costume additions.

While Pruim is meant to be a time of celebration, it can be heartbreaking for poor families in Israel who don't have the means to celebrate. Yad Eliezer will be delivering these packages before Purim, as well as monetary gifts or matanot le'evyonim on the day of Purim itself.

We invite our supporters around the world to join our important undertakings by ordering Yad Eliezer's Purim cards. They are a wonderful way to avoid waste and to share the joy while supporting the families that really need the food. Instead of sending junk food to families who really don't need it, you can send essential food items to the families that need them most, while still sharing the holiday joy with friends and family. Check out this link for more information.


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