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50 Women. 3 Days. Countless Memories.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Poverty presents itself in so many different forms.
Yes, it’s often a lack of food on a daily basis. But it’s also the lack of money for a new pair of shoes.
Or the inability to buy medication.
Or sleeping through winter nights without a blanket.

At Yad Eliezer we recognize this and reach out to address as many types of need in as many ways as we can.
Often while doing so, we also look past the immediate needs in a person’s situation (for example the refrigerator in their home with no food in it), and see if there are additional ways in which it can be improved: has their electric bill been paid this month? Are children with learning issues getting the extra help they need?  

Our Keren Almanos (Widows & Orphans Fund) is a perfect example of this kind of assistance. Women in the program receive monthly financial aid which is essential, as it helps them feed their families and cover some of their basic expenses. But something that makes our program really special is the extra thought that goes into their situation.

Yad Eliezer’s staff researches additional ways in which we can allay some of the pain and burden that weigh heavily on these women who are suffering the tragic loss of a spouse, raising children on their own. This includes the recent opening of our villa in Tzfat, where almanos and their families can take a break from the strain of daily life, and spend a day or two getting some R&R. There are other ways as well: from time to time it will be something small, like the giving of a modest gift, just to remind them that they are in our thoughts. Other times it will be something bigger, like a vacation just for them.

A group of 50 women in our Keren Almanos recently returned from a three day trip to Ukraine, where they visited numerous kivrei tzadikim and toured other sites. It was a memorable adventure as for many, this was their first time on an airplane, let alone in another country. The trip afforded the participants the opportunity to literally “get away from it all”, as they ate delicious foods at their leisure, relaxed and laughed. It helped them return home and go back to their routines with renewed strength.

The trip was truly a blessing for all involved. It exemplifies the types of thought that go into all our programs:

“How can we help to the best of our abilities?”
The efforts made are greatly appreciated. One participant writes:

Dear Yad Eliezer,
Rosh HaShana is the time of year when we are especially careful to repay debts. And even though I already expressed my thoughts verbally, I wanted to “repay my debt” of thanks, for the incredible opportunity that came my way, to join the trip you organized for us.

It is hard to find the right words that will express the range of emotions that I experienced, as I witnessed such incredible caring of the “chesed empire” that is Yad Eliezer.

The luxuries we were treated to throughout the trip showed us the constant attention paid to every single detail -with the aim being to give us only the best.
Any word, in an attempt to express the amazing initiative, will just not suffice.

So, thank you for the journey!
Thank you for the Prague Album 2018, which leaves us with beautiful memories.
Thank you for the support throughout the year, and the gifts so full of thought.

It is incredibly encouraging to think that despite everything we’ve gone through this past year, that Hashem has shown us so many kindnesses.
Ashreichem for being His good messengers in this.
My wishes for you and for all who take part in your blessed endeavors:
לשנה טובה תכתבו ותחתמו לאלתר לחיים טובים ארוכים ולשלום
(May you be written and sealed for a long, good, peaceful life).

Chana K.
Bnei Brak

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