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Planning for the Winter Before Summer Even Begins

Yad Eliezer gets a head start on providing warmth for poor families

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

In true Yad Eliezer style, we are ahead of the game. 
We just placed our custom order for 10,500 thick winter coats in preparation for our Winter Warmth Campaign. It's early but ordering well in advance ensures we can receive delivery of 6,000 high quality winter coats for children and 4,500 for young women at a greatly discounted cost ($18 and $27 respectively), in time for the frigid weather. 

Though it may be hard to imagine now as the summer is just beginning, the winter in Israel is brutal for poor families, with the frigid cold seeping through uninsulated apartment walls, making life miserable day and night, and children-in-need walking to school in thin, worn out jackets or none at all. Our Winter Warmth Campaign brings countless families tremendous relief.

Consistent early planning such as this, plus our low overhead and your generous donations make Yad Eliezer one of the most effective Jewish charities for the poor. Stay tuned for updates about all our essential programs including our Winter Warmth Campaign.


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