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It's All About the Numbers

So far, $3 million dollars in Corona relief aid has reached 8500+ Israeli families

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Right now, as the Corona crisis continues to move full force ahead in Israel, "the numbers" are what's on everyone's minds:

How many new cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed within the last 24 hours and how many people have recovered.
Which city has the highest number of infected residents, and how many are hospitalized. 
How many guests are permitted to attend a simcha as of today, and how many children are allowed in a "capsule" during the limited number of programs still functioning. 
How many days are left until a friend or family member can leave quarantine.

And it goes on and on...

At Yad Eliezer, the Israeli charity always at the forefront of bringing relief, we are talking Corona numbers, too. Ours go something like this:

How many families have applied for help for food basics this week (hint: A LOT), and how much can we budget for each?
How many people on chalat (unemployment due to the crisis) have applied to us for financial assistance to keep their homes functional? How many can we help and how much will keep them afloat for the next few weeks?
What amount of money will rescue a new, but COVID-affected business from going under? 

And it goes on and on...

Thankfully, however, Yad Eliezer is also able to talk about Corona numbers in an encouraging way.
We are proud to say that with our donors' help, through our Corona Emergency Relief Campaign:

In April, right at the start of the crisis, we reached 2,737 families with $1,012,450 worth of emergency assistance.
 $1,131,500 went to 3,098 families in May, to help them pay for urgent needs.
And in June, we distributed $1,036,000 to 2,847 families to offset expenses they were unable to afford, bringing them stability.

These are incredible numbers that speak volumes: they're all part of our critical program that is literally saving Israeli families from going under as a result of this crazy phenomenon.

And with no end yet in sight, Yad Eliezer recognizes that the need is as urgent as ever-requests for aid have gone through the roof.
The summer is proving to be extra expensive for unemployed, struggling families (especially with kids home all day and bills piling up) and we still have weeks to go.

Help us with our numbers - the good kind - by helping a family remain secure, through our Corona Emergency Relief Campaign



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