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“I wish you could have seen my children’s faces…”

Food distribution astounds struggling families in Beitar

Monday, January 04, 2021

Yad Eliezer, an Israeli charity with its "finger on the pulse" of poverty relief, recently took part in a special project to help more than 35 of Beitar's poorest families, supplying them with generous (and crucial) food packages. Working with local gabbei tzedaka, Yad Eliezer reached households that are in dire need, with challenges connected to medical problems and their expenses, unpaid stipends, unemployment and other issues, most of which have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The families (one whose refrigerator contained half an onion and a bottle of water previous to the food distribution) were astounded by the help they received. Products included quality food basics for the home such as chicken, milk, yogurts, cheese, cereal, rice, baking supplies and other essentials, plus special treats such as hot cocoa for the children. The families range in size from 4-14 people and their reactions were ones of tremendous gratitude and appreciation.

“This is truly ‘hatzalat nefashot’, you’ve filled our home with everything from A-Z...we really needed this…”
“To receive help like this...it warms the heart...how incredible to think that there is someone out there who is thinking of you, and wants to help...that there are yehudim tzadikim behind this tzedaka, and who are giving of their own money to people they don’t even know…”
“This is unbelievable...I am still in shock...what shefa...what a variety...I just look at it all and I can’t believe my eyes…”
“There’s no way to describe this...I wish you could have seen my children’s faces...they were amazed, and couldn’t believe how many bags there were...they were so happy”

Substantial thought, planning and effort went into the implementation of the project. Upon learning that one of the families had children with health conditions requiring them to keep a gluten free (thus costly) diet, certain products were switched out and replaced with those they could eat. All of the families marveled at the abundance of food they received, amounts much larger than they are usually able to purchase themselves, and were excited over their ability to fill their refrigerators and kitchen cabinets with products (common ones for most average families) that are rarely affordable in their homes. 

Sara, a struggling mother, was extremely moved by the initiative. “I don’t know who the donors are who gave us these incredible gifts...I don’t know how this all works...but I must must must pass on my sincerest thanks to the tzaddikim who did this-may Hashem take care of their every request and need!”


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