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And the Countdown Begins...

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Tuesday, March 06, 2018 under Holiday Fund, Israel's Heroes

Time is Running Out For Needy Families, but You Can Help

Purim is past us, which means the countdown to Pesach has begun. With just 30 days to get ready, the clock is already ticking. There’s so much to do-shopping, cleaning, cooking.. even though we’ve done it before, it’s always hard to know where to start. Pesach is a wonderful, joyous holiday but the pressure to prepare as best as possible only intensifies as the 15th of Nissan quickly approaches.

The atmosphere inside the Yad Eliezer office usually mirrors what’s going on outside. So you can tell how many of those 30 days are left, just by seeing the growth in the number of people who come to Polansky 14. You can hear it in the ringing of the phone, which increases as those days go by. You can feel it in the voices of people in need-parents of large families, single mothers, the elderly, IDF soldiers who can’t make ends meet, and so many others-the urgency and desperation taint their words as they ask for help. Without it, there’s no way they can buy matza, wine or kosher-for-Pesach food (forget about chicken) they’ll need for their families. Regular food is a struggle to supply during the rest of the year- Pesach is completely overwhelming.

But with your donations, we can help: through Yad Eliezer's Pesach campaigns we can provide food vouchers, usable at neighborhood supermarkets, that will relieve some of the panic and anxiety, helping people go from a state of hopelessness to a state of optimism and excitement, knowing that this year, they too will be able to celebrate Pesach. They too will have a proper seder table and appropriate food in the home for the seven days of Yom Tov-things that most people take for granted. As day 30 winds down to day 0, their joy will only increase. You will be the reason it does and the reason their Pesach becomes a genuine Zman Cheruteinu.  


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